Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Employment Achieved (for Ace)

Ace now has employment. It's currently part time (I think). But it's enough for us to make it where we are (with lots of sandwiches and Ramen noodles to eat).

And while the job is through a temp agency, the company hires 90% of the temps from there and THEY CANCELED THE REST OF THEIR APPOINTMENTS AFTER INTERVIEW ACE. He was so impressive to them and perfect for the job that they weren't interested in anyone else, apparently. And he starts tomorrow!

Now if I can hear back from someone I sent a resume to, we'll be doing really well (my paychecks can go towards food and entertainment).

We're excited, but not jumping because who knows if there is anyone underneath us (we don't want to be bad neighbors). It's a good day.
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