Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Fresh Canvas

I'm doing much better now. Ace helped me get better, as always. He also reminded me to let go of stress and that we are doing what we feel we should be right now.

Now that I've pointed that out, I'll start with the actual post portion of this post.

It snowed last night. I know, because the ground is covered in white today and it wasn't yesterday. I love the snow, as it makes me feel like the world is fresh and new. The snow hides any flaws. I love looking at the snow the best before anyone has walked on it and ruined the seeming perfection.

In a way, the snow falling is like a new year starting (or even a new day starting). It's a fresh canvas. While the old is still there, it's covered with a new chance. I'm pretty sure that this fresh chance, this fresh canvas, has helped some with bringing my spirits up higher today.

And while, occasionally, in the past, I've struggled with newness (feeling stifled with no limits, because sometimes creativity is like that), today the pure white is a relief. I made it through an emotionally exhausting year. I've made more decisions than I expected to in a short time and feel less pain based on those decisions than I expected. Things changed so much, and this is yet another reminder that Ace and I are starting fresh here.

Today's fresh canvas, this new year, there is much hope. Because we've left behind pain and sorrow in another city. And while it briefly tried to follow me, I pushed it away for the hope that has been around since my birthday, surprising since it seemed so near all the heartache.

Today, the snow covers the ground and reminds me of a fresh canvas. And to me, it is beautiful.
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