Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mostly Caffeine Free Since 2003

2003 was a big year for me. I got married. I stopped drinking caffeine cold turkey (except for every once in a great while). I started a new life for myself, in a new city, away from all my relatives.

I started thinking about my kicking caffeine because Danny Evans of Dad Gone Mad has decided to kick caffeine. And he's suffering from caffeine headaches.

My first attempt at kicking caffeine was doomed from the start. I was still planning the wedding (with all that stress), taking summer college classes, and I was not getting along with my dad (which added more stress). The headaches I got from trying to quit cold turkey added to all that stress was just too much for me. So, I decided to try quitting after the wedding, when my stress level would drop to a more reasonable level (just school stress and adjusting to being married stress).

The second time I started with kicking caffeine out of my life, it went much smoother. I didn't get headaches (I don't think I drank much less caffeine then) and I didn't miss the soda at all (I never have been a coffee drinker). It was obviously the right timing and my body was more than happy to get rid of any potential addictions to caffeine it had.

Since I quit caffeine, I've rarely put any into my system. Only when I've not had nearly enough sleep, but need to be up. And then, only as little as possible, or I start feeling jittery and find it hard to sleep that night.

So, I've been mostly caffeine free since 2003. And I like it.
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