Friday, January 15, 2010

The Hilarity of Spam Part 5

This one is special. It's not from the FBI. It's from Interpol (supposedly).

>Dear Citizen,

I'm not a citizen of anywhere that Interpol is over. I'm in the USA. I've never even been out of the Western Hemisphere.

>We are hereby bring to your notice, from the United Kingdom,London, >Interpol Service,and New Scotland Yard (MP) of a certain funds that has >been released from the BANK OF ENGLAND,we have in custody of this funds, >we have conducted several investigation we think the funds needs the >appropriate clearances.

I'm fairly sure the grammar rules of subject-verb agreement are still applicable in English English (instead of American English, which is different, but mostly in spelling). Also, what does any of this have to do with me?

>We have decided to keep you informed at this point in time of the funds
>transfer, we have decided to make this transfer confidential and strictly >on the bases of law. Now as a law abiding citizen we have decided to make >this funds deposit in a bank here in the United Kingdom, but before these >funds could be released to you, the Funds has to be cleared of anti >terrorist before the release to you, once we receive the
>needed funds we will send you the anti terrorist certificate which you >have paid for, and our agent will bring the funds deposit slip to your >door step.

Again, what does this have to do with me? And why would you send someone from Interpol (or Scotland Yard) to the US to give me money? And how do they know that I'm a law abiding citizen? (I am, but how do they know that?) Is the FBI giving them info on me? Is this how Robert Mueller 111 is contacting me again (I hope he's doing okay, whenever he is)?

>The Anti Terrorist and Money Laundering Clearance is going to cost you >$1020 dollars, and you will have to send the required fund to facilitate >the funds released and clearance. This funds should be sent not other than >to-morrow latest to ease time and must be sent via the fastest means of >picking up funds here in the united kingdom, which is Western Union Money >Transfer, you are to let us know when you will be sending these funds so >we can give you the details information you will need to send the funds.

Isn't it anti-terrorist? it doesn't quite look right with the space (anyone from UK willing to let me know, I'd appreciate it). Why is this going to cost me dollars? Why not pounds? Or euros? That's kind of fishy. They forgot to capitalize United Kingdom, now I really don't believe them (it's the random capitalization and non-capitalization that really points out that they are scammers). Also, it's been a while since they sent this. Guess I won't be getting that money (the amount has yet to be specified).

>Get back to us as soon as possible on this matter, or if you don't feel
>the legitimacy of this matter, you can get back and we will give you our >ID'S for proof of our identity.

Because they swear it's their identity and not some poor idiot who fell for their scam already. Promise.

>Best Regards
>Sinclair Stevenson
>Interpol London {United Kingdom}

I'm doubting the veracity of that e-mail address. Also, I'm using big words.

>CC: Interpol Secret Service
>CC: International Court of Law
>CC: International Monetary Funds Department
>CC: United Kingdom Department of treasury
>CC. Department of Scotland Yard Security
>CC. Interpol Investigation Unit United Kingdom.

None of these groups (who didn't get this e-mail, I'm sure) scare me. Also, why would this e-mail supposedly be sent to any of these groups? What purpose would that serve?
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