Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Problem with Patience

Once, a long while ago, my mother told me never to pray for patience because if you do, God will bring tests into your life to give you patience the hard way. I disagree with that thought, but it's something that has stubbornly clung in my head.

Instead, I'm finding my problem with patience is not trials that have come, but instead that I'm finding myself with too much time on my hands waiting and having problems finding things to fill it with (there is only so much TV I will watch, and I'm currently feeling fairly easily distracted).

On the other hand, the fact that I'm not pregnant (because I've been waiting a good long while for this) and that I'm not working (because we could use some regular income) aren't stressing me out like they could be. They are things that can and will happen, in time. And I've got lots of that right now.

I am hoping that setting some short term goals, and working on them, will help me with this. I'm going to start working on research for the book I want to write. Even though it's fiction, I'd like it to have a good basis in reality. It'll be something (besides World of Warcraft) to keep me busy. And it'll fulfill one of my goals. I might even be able to convince Ace that the library will likely have resources to help me research (that shouldn't be too hard).

And that is the result of my problem with patience. I start working on a novel. Not a bad result. Of course, patience is a virtue, so maybe this is why I've always wanted to increase my patience (it's this or so that I'll be a better mother... or both).

And now I'll go be random elsewhere. Toodles!
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