Monday, February 1, 2010

Circling the Brain

Yesterday, I listened to a sermon on patience (which is being constant no matter the circumstances). Which amused me, because I wrote about patience not that long ago (in fact, I was still thinking about it).

And then last night, I read an article about difficult mothers from Psychology Today. And my mother started my thoughts about patience a long while ago and was mentioned in my post.

It's like someone has direct access to my brain and is covering things that are in there out here in the real world. It doesn't help me right now that I got a message from "my sister" earlier that doesn't sound at all like my sister (but instead sounds like my mother). It's got all this stuff that was already swirling around in my brain in a tizzy.

I'm being patient. Waiting to find out if this was indeed something my mother sent. I want to talk to my sister first, before I do anything or say anything to any relatives (even my dad). I want to know, for certain, that my sister did not write those things (although, I'm like 99.9% sure of it right now). But for right now, I"m being patient and waiting to hear back.

And for now, I'm letting all this information circle around in my brain. Because there isn't much else I can do with most of it.
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