Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Yesterday was a long day. Yesterday, our rent was due for the month and we didn't currently have it. Yesterday, we had to call Ace's parents and my dad to see if either of them would be willing to help us out. Yesterday, we found out who really cares about our well being and who thinks we're just using them for money.

Yesterday I found out, again, what it means to be humble and not proud. I found out that it means asking for something you need that you can't provide for yourself right now. Yesterday I got reminded that my dad would never let me have to do without if he can help it, even if he's going through a hard time himself right now.

Ace has a good chance at getting a job in the next 2 weeks that will cover all our expenses. We just need to be able to hold on here for that time frame and we should be doing well. His current job is one that he loves, a first, and will provide us just extra income over our needs. It'll allow us to pay my father back, as will our staying on the Ramen noodle/sandwich/salad type of meal plans.

Yesterday was a long day. But in the end, we got our rent paid and enough food to last at least until Friday when Ace gets paid again. And right now, that has left us feeling blessed and grateful.

Today seems to be a good day.
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