Friday, February 26, 2010


Ever since I reclaimed contact with my extended family by joining FaceBook, I've been distracted. It's gotten worse as the month has gone on. Based on how I'm doing today, after being so distracted yesterday that I couldn't concentrate on just one thing for more than what felt like 5 minutes, I'm getting a little better now.

I think some of my distraction is that my emotions are being all riled up because I'm connecting with people I haven't been around in a long while. Add to that friends from days gone by and delving into my head to write a story I first thought of during college and my emotions are having trouble keeping up.

Then heap on the stress load some part of me seems determined to keep and it's not surprising I'm feeling teary eyed over someone caring about me enough to act like she is my own personal cheerleader. I've overloaded my brain and it's coming out as distraction.

Earlier, Ace helped me with some of my stress and some of my emotions, but I'm still feeling somewhat distracted by them. So, tonight while he's at work, I'll clean the tub and shave my legs and find a few other things to do to keep most of my brain busy and slowly start dealing with the emotions.

Right now, that seems like all I can do.
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