Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Falling Somewhere Else

Lately, I'm reading a lot about snow falling everywhere. And it's funny, because it's all places south of Springfield, where we aren't getting nearly as much snow.

It is snowing here. When Ace and I went to get our mail this afternoon, it was snowing. But the snow isn't really sticking around that much. The only indication on the streets that the snow was touching down is the fact that they were wet.

So, we haven't been fighting off extreme cold temperatures. The wind hardly ever seems to blow, which is still throwing us as it blows all the time in Oklahoma. The snow hasn't been causing problems, nor has it been piling up.

It's nice. It's just... different. But I like it. And I'm glad we moved here. Even if it's further north (which is totally not where I wanted to move). And the timing of the move seems perfect for having avoided all the bad weather. That makes me even happier.
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