Wednesday, February 3, 2010

At Least Some Questions Got Answered

Yesterday, after I posted, I got a call from my sister. She had indeed sent the message that caused me to join FaceBook (for which my extended family is grateful). At least over there, we have a chance to become closer.

And now, I have some questions answered. My grandma is fine for now, but will probably continue to have mini-strokes for the rest of her life (she goes home from the hospital today, as well as getting another year older today). They have no idea how much longer she will live, there's no expiration date stamped on her (she's not a carton of milk).

My sister got a little freaked out by our grandmother's mortality. Given that my sister isn't yet 20, it's kind of understandable. I think this whole thing reminded her that she doesn't know when anyone could die and since she doesn't feel as close to me as she did when we lived in the same room (or even the same house), she's understandably freaked out some about that too.

I just wish she had picked a bit better wording. But now she gets a chance to see how I am more often based on my FaceBook status. It probably doesn't feel like much right now, but it's something.

And now I'm going to find something less noisy to do than type, because Ace is sleeping.
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