Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Bad News

Earlier, Ace and I got some bad news about our car. The engine would have to be replaced for it to work again. Replacing the engine will probably cost more than the car is worth.

I cried, and felt foolish while I did. There have been too many pieces of bad news and stressful situations lately. My emotions have run the gamut of excitement to frustrated to angry in the past week and a half.

I don't know what Ace and I will do for a vehicle at this point. We haven't decided. I don't think it's fully sunk in that we will probably be getting a newer car. My brain keeps telling me that I'll walk outside and see our car sitting there waiting to take me somewhere. And then I remember that my car is currently in Stroud, OK and is probably waiting for me to come clean it out.

Ace has offered me chocolate and some cuddle time. It helped for a while, but I'm back to feeling upset about the whole situation. I'm trying to keep from saying that it's not fair, because I know that the world isn't really fair. The whining wouldn't do any good.

Please, somebody, give me some good news. I could use it.
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