Sunday, May 22, 2011

Graduation Take 2

Now that my brain isn't quite as fried*, I can tell the story of how yesterday went.

*I make no promises that my brain isn't still fried, just that I'm doing better mentally than I was yesterday when I got home.

Ace and I set out toward OKC yesterday about 9 a.m. We had breakfast, that we were eating on the way, and a full tank of glass. About 10 miles from our exit from the turnpike, our water pump decided to break (unknown to us) and we had problems with our car getting overheated. We pulled over to the side of the turnpike, popped the hood of the car, and called my dad to let him know we were having problems.

My dad and step-mom had just been planning to drive by where the graduation was going to happen before meeting us for lunch. Instead, they stopped to buy some coolant (since we just thought the car had overheated) and rushed to rescue us. My step-mom took care of talking to my sister (who was also meeting us for lunch) and called me back to try to get a closer idea as to where we were.

After roughly half an hour, my dad and step-mom arrived. Nicely, we had the windows open to help create a nice breeze while we were waiting, so it wasn't too hot (people driving past at about 75 mph helps with moving air. While my dad and Ace tried to figure out of if the car was just overheated, I got in my dad's car with my step-mom. A tow-truck driver pulled over to see if he could help too. That's when it was determined that it was the water pump that broke.

After another 20 minutes, spent trying to figure out if we had roadside assistance already with our insurance, we were finally able to leave, Ace and my car locked and waiting for a tow-truck, and head to pick up some lunch before we got to the graduation.

The actual graduation was, well, fairly boring. Lots of random speeches that didn't really say much (okay, it was only 3, but it felt like a lot more). Graduating seniors who behaved themselves. Parents/families/friends who couldn't keep from making a spectacle of themselves by cheering/blowing air horns/making lots of noise. Not that the parents/families/friends were quiet for anything other than the Star Spangled Banner.

Afterwards, there were plenty of pictures taken of/with my brother. My mom oddly thanked me for coming to watch my brother graduate (it was odd, because why wouldn't I?). There was a brief trip over to the high school to try to recreate a picture from around the time that I graduated.

After that, my dad drove Ace and I back to Tulsa before heading back to OKC for one more night there. My step-mom stayed with my siblings, which was great since she is still recovering from a semi-recent surgery. I had an enjoyable talk with my dad while Ace relaxed in the back.

Over all, it was a good day. The problems with the car weren't so fun, but they weren't the end of the world (my dad is generously fixing our car for us). And despite the fact that it was frustrating at the time, we have someone who was willing and able to help us. My dad and step-mom are going to deal with the mechanics and let us know when our car is able to be picked up. We just have to get my in-laws to let us borrow a vehicle to go pick it up (which shouldn't be a problem). The day might not have gone as it was originally planned, but we all got to see my brother graduate.

And that was worth all the hassles.
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