Tuesday, May 3, 2011


It's May, and long time readers know that I have some issues with May. Most of them revolve around Mother's Day at this point, but that's not the only thing that gets to me in May.

My parents, back when they were married, had their anniversary in May (one of my cousins was born on their 2nd anniversary, in fact). My mom's birthday is in May. And the storms that Oklahoma gets in April seem to linger until mid-May, making it easier to feel depressed because I need to get see the sun for a while and can't.

But I'm trying to focus on good things in May this year. I graduated from high school in May. I went on a Disney vacation (a year later) in May. The weather in OK at the end of the month generally gets more stable (and less rainy) and is in the 80s. I have two cousins with birthdays in May, cousins that I dearly love and would love to spend time with. I moved to Tulsa in May (8 years ago). I planned most of my wedding in May (8 years ago).

I know that May is not my favorite month, but there is no reason to continually condemn the month based on some bad things happening in May. Because there have been good things, great things in fact, that have happened in May. And those are the things I should be focusing on.
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