Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spinning 'Round

It all started with smoke.

Ace and I had come back into the room after dinner. When we turned on our light, we saw smoke. So, we quickly turned the light back off and notified the in-laws that we needed a new fan.

My father-in-law had recently won some gift cards to a home improvement store, so we figured that it would be a quickly resolved problem. In the meantime we could just use lamps for light and try leaving our door open to circulate air.

It didn't take long for my in-laws to buy a new fan, but the installation process was insanely long. They had a guy come out to give an estimate for a few projects around the house (2 fan replacements, a sink installation, and a mailbox installation). The guy looked it over, gave an estimate and said he's be back in 7 to 10 days. At least 3 weeks later, we had only heard from the guy that his job had gone over and he'd be another 3 weeks minimum.

Since that wouldn't work, a new guy came to give an estimate. 6 days later (yesterday), he came back to start work. Within 2 hours, Ace and I had a fan again. Unfortunately for us, we both lost track of our normal mental capacities and couldn't figure out how to work the fan portion of the fan. We started thinking the fan was broken, all because we pulled the wrong pull on the fan.

The day was saved shortly after 7 p.m. with the installation of light bulbs into the fan and the realization that we had pulled the lights on and off instead of changing the fan's speed. After minor embarrassment on my part (Ace wasn't here at the time), I shrugged off the mistake and moved on with my life.

Ace and I survived April, a rather humid month, with no fan and no overhead light. It wasn't something we would want to do again.

On the plus side, my in-laws will be spending a night (or two) at a hotel tonight, so Ace and I will get some alone time! Yay for us!
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