Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mentally Hoarse

Last night, one of my brothers-in-law came to Tulsa to celebrate his birthday. The in-laws took everyone out to dinner. It was a nice evening, even if Ace and I weren't initially sure we were going to be invited out.

Then today happened. It was slightly rainy out, so my mother-in-law decided that she couldn't go to church because it would be bad for her chair (Ace looked, it might have been mildly inconvenient for her later, but she has 3 chairs in total, so we think she would have been fine). Which meant Ace and I didn't get to have time alone this morning. We were planning on having sex, but that had to be delayed. It was not the best start to the day. Then, when Ace went to see if it would be quick for us to do our laundry, it turns out that the stuff that has been on the table was piled up on the washing machine. It's not surprising that we have to move stuff, but it's just one more thing.

Then, when Ace and I went to mess with dinner, we found out that my in-laws had lunch together in the dining room. My mother-in-law knew we were up, but since our door was shut, I guess they decided we didn't need or want to eat with them. We weren't invited. I don't know that we would have joined them, but they could have asked.

I recognize that my in-laws don't have to take us with them when they go out to eat. In fact, we usually don't go with them. Last night was the exception, not the rule. But today has just been a long, insane, frustrating day full of stuff that either my in-laws were doing at the point of my frustration or they had done and I found out about it later. It just feels like my in-laws don't view Ace and I as people who deserve even basic kindness. These things all sound little and petty, and they probably are, but they are just signs of the lack of respect we have to live with on a continual basis.

On the plus side, my in-laws did both go to church this evening. Ace and I had sex. I got to talk with a friend online, one I haven't talked to in a while. I have chocolate.

But that migraine is trying to come back. And my brain is starting to feel fuzzy from wanting to mentally scream for most of the day. I am getting tired of the stress levels my in-laws cause in my life. And the chocolate does not do nearly enough to help.

Somebody, send help!
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