Friday, March 16, 2012

Waiting for a Phone Call

This morning, Ace had a job interview. It seemed to go well, but we are waiting to hear back. On the plus side, if he does get it, it will be like he is being paid to work out. On the minus side, it will be five 11 hour days of work a week, plus possible Saturdays from time to time.

It will mean lots of time where I don't get to see my husband, for who knows how long. But we'll have money coming in again. We'll be able to buy me a phone. We'll be able to get a bigger fridge. We'll be able to buy most of our own food again. We'll be able to take care of some old debts.

The pay will be enough for us to, eventually, move out. We may have to live in an apartment, but we should be able to live on our own. And who knows, Ace may get a pay raise at some point.

Now, if they would only call back and say he needs to go here to take a drug test or he needs to be ready to start on this day. That would be so very nice.
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