Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sharing a Computer

Right now, my laptop is sitting around collecting dust. It would work well as a paper-weight, but not as a laptop. The reason why is that the cord has stopped charging the battery back up (there was a crimp in the cord or something similar that caused it to stop providing power).

So, Ace and I are sharing a computer. It's been interesting to realize what I miss from my now limited internet access. Mostly, I miss having the options to talk to Ace through a messenger service and the ability to entertain myself with movies/music/whatever on demand. Not spending the time online isn't as big a problem, but it has lead to me being more interested in the TV being on (it's something besides just books or magazines or playing a hand-held solitaire game).

I've been struggling, slightly, with not feeling like it's all my fault my laptop is suddenly temporarily useless. My last laptop went 4 years with one cord with no problems, despite being used in a similar manner, so I know it's not that I'm just extremely hard on laptop cords. Ace is frustrated with the maker's of the laptop since they obviously did not do well enough on making a good cord.

Hopefully, I will soon have my laptop back. Until then, my posts may be scarce. I've got too much to do online in too short a time frame to come by here as regularly as I would like (on the plus side, I do have my own profile on Ace's desktop now, so we won't get nearly as frustrated with each other while sharing the computer). And hopefully I'll continue to not suffer too much from my lack of a connection. I expect my iPod to get a lot more use for a while.
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