Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Driveway

There has been a little more excitement around here than usual. The city of Tulsa is repaving the roads in our neighborhood. This means that we've had bumpy roads to drive on and lots of dust in the air (it's been wonderful to be me, what with suddenly having problems breathing because of the dust).

Thursday morning, about 9 (right before my alarm was going to go off), there was a knock on the door. The cars needed to be moved so that we could have access to them while the end of our driveway was torn out and replaced. Okay, the timing sucks (since they were doing the tearing out that day), but we can get those moved within the next 30 minutes (our time frame, not the construction workers) because Ace can handle that (I stayed in the room the whole time, so I am only getting updates from Ace about what is going on).

Ace goes to the bathroom and then comes to change clothes so he's wearing something besides pajamas to move cars. By 9:15 Ace is having to wait for them to move out of his way so he can move his mom's SUV. In the minute and a half it takes him to move her car, park it, and come back to move our car, they have started taking out half of the bottom of the driveway (the half behind our car, naturally). So he has to pull our car into the garage, wait for them to move, again, and then go park our car out of the way.

At the time, they told us it would be 2 to 3 days before we could use our driveway again. Yesterday, at some point, they repaved the parts they had torn out. We now have a working driveway again. The biggest problem is that if Ace or I hadn't been here, my mother-in-law could never have gotten her car out of the garage before they started working. She would have been stuck here until the driveway was repaired (not that she went anywhere, nor was she planning on it, but still). We are assuming that her call of complaint (a second call since they started working on the street, because they cut our water off with no notice for a few hours last week too) got them to repave our driveway quicker (there are other people waiting for their driveways to be repaved). On the plus side, they did expand the lower portion of the driveway to include the expanded sides that my in-laws had done previously.

It's been a crazy week around here.
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