Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sore in a Good Way

Lately, my body has been giving off some strong signals that the past few months were not satisfying when it came to sex. Seriously, I've found it hard to keep sex very far from my thoughts.

Last night, Ace and I made a makeshift pile of blankets on the floor and took care of some very specific needs. Nothing squeaked, and I doubt the sounds that I heard would have been heard outside the closed door (unless an ear was pressed against it, and probably not even then).

Today, I'm a bit sore in some places, but it's a good sore. I've missed being able to have sex whenever it's convenient and I'm in the mood. Hopefully, the pile of blankets method won't last long. Hopefully, we'll be in our own place soon and noise won't matter.

But at least we have something that works for now.
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