Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dreaming Improbable Dreams

Last night, I dreamt, which I know is not unusual in itself, but I dreamt that I met Bryan White. Which I would actually like to do in person. (If you don't know who Bryan White is, either Google him, or e-mail me at It was cool, except he still looked like he did 10 years ago, which is unlikely, and neither of us was married (where as, as far as I know, we both are married in real life). There was a potential relationship going on, which has left me feeling odd, because I wouldn't leave Ace for anyone, but it was kind of nice to be pursued/flirted with by someone I think of as a celebrity.

That was the dream I'd like to have part of come true. My other dream, not so much. It involved my sister dying in a car crash, and me nearly dying too. I'd rather us both live long, healthy lives. And it was all I could do at 4 this morning to keep from calling her and making sure she was fine. But I realized it was a dream, she has school, I have work, and I should settle down and just go back to sleep. Actually, the dream about my sister got mentioned in the dream about Bryan White (as if they were all part of the same dream). While I disliked the dream, it has made me want to know more about my sister. So, something good has come out of it.

The only other news I have is that it's interesting what things people search for that land them here. I had someone get here with a search for Serial killers are sexy (because of my post on Dexter). Yeah. Um. I hope that person found what they were looking for.

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