Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Because It's My Blog

I'm going to go out of the order I put on my list yesterday and talk about what I've learned from one episode of The Baby Borrowers. And you can't do anything about it because... (Do I really have to finish that sentence?)

1. There is actually a reality show that I am interested in. I wasn't sure there would be, because I'm not interested in most reality shows out there as they aren't truly portraying reality. This one does, at least as much as possible when the teenagers don't actually have kids of their own yet.

2. Teenage girls can be extremely whiny and bratty. Or to put it in more blunt terms, teenage girls can be really b*tchy. I have never wanted to slap a person so hard in my life. And I'm not a particularly violent or aggressive person.

3. Teenage boys can be extremely mature. Um, I don't remember the guys I was in high school with being quite as mature as most of the guys on the show (of course, most of the guys I went to high school with didn't have babies to take care of, so...).

4. Most of these couples don't stand a chance of making it through this experience with their relationship intact. Well, maybe this one is just my opinion.

5. I am so ready for the challenges of parenthood.

6. I'd kind of like to see this show with adults close to my age as the ones trying to determine if they are ready to be parents. I imagine they would do better at handling the stress, and it wouldn't be quite the ratings grabber.

7. I'm impressed with the thought the people in charge put into ensuring the babies (and hopefully toddlers) are safe. Parents within walking distance (watching via monitors) and nannies on hand for emergencies.

Yeah, that' what I've learned so far from watching The Baby Borrowers. Have I missed anything?
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