Sunday, July 20, 2008

What I've Learned from "The Baby Borrowers" Part 4

Well, I've watched another episode, and it's time for me to tell what I've learned from this episode.

1. You can't just be a friend to your kids. Otherwise, they will walk all over you.

2. There are seriously people out there who think they can not eat veggies and still have their kids eat healthy (really?). Everyone I've seen who doesn't eat right has kids that don't eat right either.

3. I'm still convinced that most of these teens will not still have a relationship at the end of this experience.

4. When you have an evening alone, it's probably better to spend it alone instead of with a friend (at least, it's a good idea if you and your significant other already have a rocky relationship).

5. Try different things to entertain your kids. You'll never know if sitting and doing math problems will be entertaining and fun unless you just try it (do take your cues from the kids).

6. You can't ignore kids just because they are fighting. They could be bored. You need to try to find them something else to do.

7. 3 boys are going to need a lot of attention and things to do, otherwise they are just going to make a mess and play fight a lot (actually, this can happen with any number of boys/girls).

8. No one should have a sleepover with roughly 10 kids of all different ages. That's just asking for madness. And for someone to get hurt.

9. Contrary to popular opinion, girls will fight just as much, if not more so, than boys. And it can get violent and painful.

10. Good discipline techniques can be hard to come by, but when you stick to them, they will effective (even if it's just for the short term)

11. Preteens can be fairly easy to get along with too, unless they are throwing a fit.

12. Some teens will listen better if you sound like you are concerned about them, even if they didn't respond well the first time that someone had a concern about the kids (and the teens).

So, I learned a lot watching the latest episode.

I'm just wondering who leaves, because at this point, it could be anyone. And thus, I am even more excited for this next episode.

What did you learn from this episode?
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