Thursday, July 10, 2008


I have an odd history with writing. I didn't like to write while I was in school, mainly because it was forced and I had little to do with the whole thing. I hate being forced to do things.

While I was in college, I kind of enjoyed the idea of writing a book. I went so far as to start writing one, and even had most the plot figured out (names, character traits). And then I just stopped. I found something "better" to do.

I originally started a blog so that I could comment on pictures of my cousin's children. She didn't allow comments from people who weren't registered with blogger, and I didn't feel like it was too much of an imposition to register and create a blog so that I could tell her that her children were cute.

Lately, I've been trying to figure out how I feel about writing. I enjoy writing here, telling stories or ranting about things or just sharing my opinion, but if I felt like there was some big, huge obligation in writing, I would probably feel frustrated and stifled and I'd write less often.

I'm not sure where my relationship with writing will go in the future, but I'm sure its not anywhere near done. Especially since I've been more interested in grammar and writing. But, I'm fairly sure of this, it will have more ups and downs than I'd like over the rest of my life.

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