Monday, July 21, 2008


I mention, at least from time to time, that Ace and I have sex, but I never really talk about it. I never mention anything aside from the fact that it is good (great, wonderful, marvelous, close to perfect). I think part of it is that I'm semi-slightly prudish when it comes to talking about sex with anyone but Ace (and I'm hoping to get over it in one post... wish me luck).

We have sex in different was at different times (and no, I'm not talking positions, because I need to maintain at least a slight air of mystery about my sex life).

There's the passionate sex: the kind where we (or at least I) want it hard and fast and don't really want much foreplay. The kind where I say "Fuck me now" and Ace knows exactly what I mean.

There's the sensual sex: where Ace licks, kisses, and caresses me until I'm ready to ask him to please move this into the passionate sex area, because my mind thinks it's going to explode. And he refuses for a while. And it feels so good, I wish he would move a little faster, just to take away the slightest bit of the pleasure, because I can't mentally handle it (and he still refuses).

There's the foreplay only: neither of us really wants sex, we just want to have fun. It could possibly lead to sex, but I seriously doubt it. This is rare and usually involves me giggling WAY too much.

There's the relief sex: only one of us is interested in sex (more often Ace, sad to say) and we're only having sex for that one person. This is rare and not very fulfilling. This is probably the lowest form of sex out there.

There's the slow-moving sex: this is related to the sensual, but Ace is more willing to move into passionate sex whenever I ask him too. This is the most common, as I'm sure it is in most couples. It's relaxed and friendly, but lots of fun.

What talk about sex would be complete without talking about mood breakers?

There's the bodily function mood breaker: I think this is rather self explanatory. If not, e-mail me at a_masmith at yahoo dot com and I'll tell you straight out what I mean.

There's the phone call mood breaker: especially bad when it's a relative. Few thing kill desire faster. It's extremely hard for me to get back in the mood after this one, because...

There's the random emotion mood breaker: you suddenly shift from being in the moment, enjoying the sex, to being 500 miles away emotionally (at least, that's how it feels). It's hard to recover from this, but it can happen.

Yeah, that's all the mood breakers coming to mind just now, but I'm sure there are plenty of others out there. If you think of one, let me know.

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