Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Accident

Earlier, Ace got into an accident on the way to work.

He's fine. He didn't even get the slightest bit hurt. Serenity, our SUV, didn't fair so well. She'll need some body work and some lights fixed.

As it turns out, the guy at the back of the 3 car pile up (the car in front of Ace took off and left the scene, otherwise it would have been a 4 car pile up). Car #3 (the guilty party) had breaking issues, so Ace tried to move around the car in front of him (into an empty lane), but couldn't without hitting the car in front of him, so he hit the breaks. Then, Car #3 hit Car #2 who in turn hit Ace, who then couldn't help but hit Car #1 (who left).

Most likely, no one was hurt (the passenger of Car #3 left in an ambulance, but he was probably faking). The driver of Car #3 was pissed off that the cops (who got to the scene after I did, and I had to get dressed before I could even start to get there) did not believe him that Ace was the one at fault (he was pointing to the plastic from the light that got broken when Ace hit Car #1). But, Serenity and Car #2 were both starting to be in the other right hand lane in an obvious attempt to avoid the accident, or at least to lessen the damage. Of course, the driver was also pissed off that he was being arrested. He was trying to get some sympathy from the cops by telling them that he had recently had surgery on his shoulder (which, if he were on pain medications, may have helped them to be under the impression that he was drunk). The cops didn't care (the man evoked no sympathy from anyone).

Ace did not go to work. He spent a good 2 hours letting me just be near to him so that irrational part of me that felt like I could have potentially lost him (um, not really, based on the damage) would realize that he's fine (he came out without a scratch).

But, all in all, it wasn't the best way to start my day.
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