Saturday, August 2, 2008

What I've Learned from "The Baby Borrowers" Parts 5 and 6

This is a combined post of what I've learned from episodes 5 and 6 of The Baby Borrowers. I wrote what I was learning while watching, so some of my points may end up looking awkward by the end.

1. Teens feel comfortable cursing in front of other teens, even when they are supposed to be setting a good example.

2. I was only surprised about who left because he seemed so mellow and like he would stick out the short time left, even if they would be sleeping in different rooms and not really talking (although, leaving was a better idea).

3. Boys are going to do some stupid things (because they are boys), but just yelling at them won't fix the problem. You need to actually discipline them.

4. Family trips should be doing something fun, not boring (at least one member of the family should be having fun, preferably the whole family will have fun).

5. Teenagers are willful, at least at times.

6. Breakups are hard. Living together after you decide to break up is even worse. And it will mess up your kids if you fight in front of them (or loudly away from them).

7. Sorry means a lot, but it doesn't cover everything when you kick someone out of their house for 5 hours. It's really awkward if you are planning on breaking up with them within a few weeks.

8. Girls are, overall, calmer and more relaxed than boys (at least, they cause less problems and do less crazy stuff).

9. Sometimes a break from your significant other is a good thing, even if it's just for 8 hours for work.

10. Teen boys maybe somewhat wild, but they can be very sweet when they want to be. At least, when they aren't getting an attitude and mouthing off.

11. Sometimes your heart tells you one thing and your head tells you another and you have to decide which one to listen to. Life's not always easy.

12. A lot can happen in roughly 3 weeks (I'm estimating based on how long each group is with the teens and how much time they had alone to begin with).

13. Sometimes, I just wish I could reach into the TV and give people hugs. But I can't.

14. Maybe the best things you could do with older people is learn from them. Talk to them and listen. But, you do actually have to talk.

15. Old people are cute! Of course, I kind of thought that before this, but it's been reinforced.

16. There are consequences to things you do now that may not hit until you are older. Sometimes, it's hard to judge what those consequences are and whether or not they are worth it. Try to be careful in you decision making.

17. Unexpected things happen. Sometimes those unexpected things have long lasting effects. You just have to keep up your hope and push through today to get to tomorrow.

18. Sometimes old people and babies have a lot in common. But sometimes they have a lot in common with teens/young adults.

19. Every relationship has it's ups and downs. It's how you deal with your differences that determines how your relationship goes.

20. The elderly like getting up early. And sometimes, they are sarcastic. But, they are cute!

21. I've changed my mind on how doomed all the relationships are, but I'm not sure how many of these couples will be able to make it for the rest of their lives.

22. We really can learn a lot from those who have been there before us. The biggest thing you can learn is that you have to stay devoted to your relationship, even if things get hard. Actually, you have to be more devoted to get through the hard times.

23. You have to be patient when it comes to figuring out who you love and who you want to spend your life with. Don't just follow your emotions. Listen to your head as well as your heart.

24. I am definitely ready for having kids of my own, but I'm glad I won't have to go through them growing quite as fast as they did on the show.

25. According to the end, I was right about none of the couples making it as a couple. Most of them stayed friends, but they realized they weren't ready for a life long commitment quite yet. There was a part of me that wished I was wrong, but I'm not surprised.

And now you know that I've learned from The Baby Borrowers.
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