Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ever Present Optimism

Last night, Ace and I went by Whataburger and Wal-Mart after Ace got home from work (I'm fairly sure we were the only customers in Wal-Mart). Ace was hungry and wanted to go buy World of Warcraft (this means he should be spending a little less time on it than he was as it being a 10 day free trial).

While Ace went to go look for his game, I looked at baby clothes. Then, I found a onesie that we actually bought (it was inexpensive, and gives us something to focus on). It's green and has Genius in the Making written on it.

And the onesie is where the ever present optimism comes in. Because, as far as we know, I'm not currently pregnant (since I just had my period, it's unlikely that I am). But, we are still trying. And I've figured out how to relax, so it's more likely that we'll be successful.

I did wonder, while looking at baby clothes, why purple isn't considered a neutral color for babies (it's the color that's produced when red and blue are mixed, so you would think it would be the most neutral, but...). I decided that if I ever got into designing baby clothes (which I probably won't), I'd make some neutral purple clothing.

So, for now, I'm still happily in a place of ever present optimism.

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