Saturday, August 2, 2008

Wishing and Waiting

I feel like I'm in a period of waiting in my life. I'm waiting on, well, pretty much everything. Specifically, right now, I am waiting on Ace to get off work. He's not got much longer until he will be off and on his way home, but it's what I'm waiting on right now.

While I'm waiting, I'm finding myself wishing. Wishing for a baby (you'd think I was trying to get pregnant or something, huh?), wishing for a better house with better furniture, wishing for the library of my dreams (I love books), wishing I was in great physical condition, wishing that America's culture wasn't one that made a woman feel bad if she didn't look similar to Angelina Jolie.

Most of those wishes are things that I just have to wait on. So, I'm wishing and waiting.


P.S.: I'll write later about the Baby Borrowers, I just felt the need to post to help pass the time while waiting.
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