Monday, August 25, 2008

Practice, Practice, Practice

Just because the only thing resembling a baby in this house doesn't mean that I don't have some phrases that I'm getting tired of saying.

"Out!" I say this and the dog usually interprets it to mean that he needs to move 5 feet (or less) and can then sit again, necessitating me to say it again. Occasionally it means I'm kicking him out of the house for a little while.

"Off!" This means the dog has tried to climb on something I don't want him on. Usually it's the bed or my chair. This isn't actually used that often.

"Shut up!" This is screamed from another room because Guillermo is barking at either another dog walking outside or the garage door going up because Ace is home (that has gotten decidedly less, as he seems to understand that he doesn't need to bark at the garage door if someone is home).

"Do you want to go outside?" This is another way of me trying to kick him out for a little while.

I'm viewing this as good practice for when I have kids to try to do what I want them to do. Of course, I'm hoping not to be yelling things out from another room when I've actually need to discipline my kids.

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