Friday, August 29, 2008

Refusing to Sleep

Some part of my subconscious is unhappy. I can tell because I'm having problems finding a desire to sleep when I'm tired. My brain doesn't seem to want to relax, which I take to mean that there's something I don't want to deal with in my dreams.

I think the problem is that I recently dreamt of my mother. And she was mad. Ace and I were trying to sleep for a few hours at her house (I have not clue why, that part is fuzzy), and she was determined that we not do that (What's interesting is that I'm fairly sure she wouldn't react that way, but would instead try to reinstate a relationship if we were to come by her house.).

I'm not sure what I'm avoiding, but it's obvious that I'm avoiding something and it's obviously not pleasant. Unfortunately, there isn't much Ace can do for me at this time. He's trying (or at least he did last night when I first brought it up), but it's not like he can crawl into my head and find out what I need. And I'm not much help right now.

So, I'm frustrated and trying to find things to make me laugh to help while Ace is at work. So, anything you want to send me to help cheer me up, send to a_masmith at yahoo dot com and you will be much appreciated.

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