Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Olympics

I've been watching the Olympics lately (big surprise, who hasn't been?). Mostly, I've been watching the swimming and gymnastic events.

Last night, after being slightly frustrated that I couldn't find out exactly how the USA did at men's gymnastics (because the recording ran out before the final scores were posted), I looked it up online. Then I read where apparently most people weren't thinking that the USA had much of a chance at winning any medals at all. Now, I don't closely follow gymnastics (or any sport), but I never doubted that we could win medals at the Olympics for gymnastics. For a little bit last night, I thought we could win gold, until we didn't get as high of scores as I thought that we should have on a the high bar (2 people who seemed to do flawlessly impressive routines and they both got under 16? I think they were robbed!).

All I can hope is that the women's gymnastics will be judged in a way that doesn't seem biased. And that they've worked out the small issues they had at the trials (hopefully, they will keep sticking those landings!).

I've enjoyed watching Michael Phelps (please tell me I spelled his name right) break several world records while winning gold medals. I can see why the man might have some fans (having all those rippling muscles doesn't hurt either). 3 days, 3 gold medals, 3 new world records. Wow!

I've got to go. My stomach is starting to demand food and I've got shopping to do. But I will be watching the Olympics tonight (I love my DVR!) and cheering the USA on for more wins (by which, I mean medals).

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