Thursday, June 17, 2010


Earlier this month, I set myself some goals for each day. Nothing hard, only a few that are potentially time consuming, but all important for me.

I'm reading Proverbs everyday, as well as reading the Gospels and reading along with a church Ace and I were going to when we lived in Springfield (although, right now they are reading the Gospels, so I'm reading 2 chapters of the Bible a day Mon-Fri and 1 on weekends). And I read my Bible chapters before I look at anything else online (I like the flexibility of the versions I get reading the Bible online).

When I get up, I'm doing my shoulder exercises (except the last Tuesday and Wednesday, because of the bed stuff). They usually take me less than a minute, but should help my shoulder a lot.

I do a lot of surveys and I'm now trying to do that as I find them in my e-mail so that they don't stack up (that has also fallen slightly off track because of the bed stuff). This is one of the time consuming things on my list, but they don't really take that long if I do them everyday.

I am trying to focus on listening to Biblical teaching everyday during the news, and following along in the Bible while the are teaching. This has been a little too hit and miss since I went to visit my dad last week, but I now have space in a cleaned out bedroom to be able to do that. This is "time consuming", but it's using some of my abundant free time, so I'm fine with that.

I'm also trying to write something, somewhere everyday. That's part of the reason I'm posting here more often all of the sudden. It's important to be in the habit of writing, since I'm a writer. So, I'm getting into that habit. It's probably the only habit that didn't suffer from this bed situation (I'll tell you the rest of that story later).

The only other things on my list of goals are things for me to pray about. The big one for me is that I'm praying for my Mom's happiness. I do want her to be happy, and that's something that I've struggled with some. It took me a long while to realize that it's okay for me to want her to find something that makes her happy. I'm starting to hope that happiness with spread throughout her life and make lots of changes there.

Anyway, right now, for the time being, those are my goals. Hopefully doing these things daily will make an impact. Hopefully spending more time in the Word will help me to spend more time living the Word in the rest of my life. Hopefully it will help me grow discipline in the areas of my life that need discipline. Hopefully it will help me heal emotionally from the past.
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