Friday, June 18, 2010

Send Alcohol

Oh people, it's been a crazy, crappy week over all.

Tuesday, the bed didn't get delivered until 11:45 p.m. Then, it took a little too long to find sheets. I stayed up through will power and sugar until after the bed arrived and was set up. By the time it came to make the bed, my brain seemed to have entered into self preservation mode.

Wednesday, Ace and I got out of the house for a while, because my fight or flight response was still a little too close to the surface. My mother-in-law just seemed to be too much for my still fairly worn emotions to handle. And I was doing pretty good finding a centered point away from the emotions, until we went to buy milk. All it took was a child crying and I was ready to flee (I'm not a fighter). It took almost all of my will-power to walk back to the front of the store with Ace and wait while we checked out before leaving. When we got back to the house, I took a nap to help soothe myself again. I'm not even going to talk about dinner that night, as I was too emotional for my own good.

Thursday, I felt much more normal. I had slept 10 hours, mostly without waking. I wasn't quite fully me yet, but my fight or flight response had settled back down. Thursday was, for the most part, a good day.

Today, however, has been kind of crazy. Ace and I went to fax something and then checked our mail, which lead to visiting some friends, which lead to looking at a thrift store (all those things, perfectly good things). Just a few minutes ago, my mother-in-law asked Ace to clear all the stuff we put on the table off of it. She had to go out to her garage to make space for some of it, but she still doesn't see her hoarding problem (not that I'm surprised about that). It doesn't help matters that I've been folding laundry, a task that my body hates because I almost never fold laundry somewhere where my back is fully supported. It's just lead to a few hours of feeling like this house is too crazy and roughly 5 more weeks here are roughly 5 weeks too many.

As I told Ace while clearing out our bedroom, I don't get paid enough for this. There isn't enough chocolate, alcohol, hot tubs, or any other thing in the world to make this worth wile. Fortunately for Ace, I'm doing all this for love.

But I'd still like someone to send alcohol (or chocolate, or chocolate alcohol). After all, my anniversary is in just over a week. I could use something to pick me up after this crazy week.
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