Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's Not All Bad News

Shortly after we moved in with Ace's parents, he sat on the bed I'm sleeping in and broke what we thought was a slat. After that, the bed had a definite slant on one side, which caused me to need to sleep almost against the wall to get a fairly flat surface.

We planned on buying something to fix the bed, expecting that new slats would be all that was needed for the bed to be flat again. Today, we went to Home Depot and bought some 2x12 boards, cut in the right length.

Ace moved the mattress and box springs to try move the old slats out, and we discovered that he had broken one of the slats holding the springs in the box springs (it seemed to have a few other problems too). One of the old slats was on the ground (the one we thought he had broken)!

So, after moving the old slats (one was warped), Ace set the new, much thicker slats down and put the box springs and mattress down on them. Then I sat on the bed and 2 of the new slats suddenly fell down.

In order to completely fix my problem, we're going to talk to a friend who is a carpenter and see if he can come by and screw the slats into place. In the mean time, we're going to move one of the slats over and move over the box that's holding it close to in place.

On the plus side, my in-laws now know they need to replace to frame, box springs, and mattress (the mattress is just generally not so great). Also, we found a digital camera that Ace and I had lost a couple of years ago (now, we just need to get it working again). I would imagine that putting 100% fresh batteries should help in our efforts to have 2 working cameras.
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