Saturday, June 19, 2010

Stretch and Fly

I'm not quite sure what it is, but the past two days I've felt the urge to do gymnastics (which would be feat, since I don't currently have the ability to do a cartwheel, much less something more complex).

It's like all of a sudden I'm wanting to stretch my wings and fly, except I don't have wings. I get this urge occasionally, something you think my brain would solve with dreams of me flying, but nope. My brain may be a little too logical for dreams of flying on my own.

I am hoping, though, that Ace and I can spend some time this week looking at some of the homes in the Parade of Homes that's going on here in Tulsa (when he's not studying/playing WoW/whatever else). I like going out and looking at houses, even if we aren't buying/renting just yet. It's nice to know what options there are out there.

And now that I've been completely random here, I'm going to be completely random somewhere else. Later!
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