Monday, June 7, 2010

The System is Broken

Ace is trying to get on unemployment. In fact, that seems to be his parents idea of a 30th birthday gift (Happy Birthday, ask the government to give you money).

Oklahoma allows people to call, apply online, or go talk to someone in person. First, Ace tried to apply online, but they couldn't find his SSN in the system. Then he tried to call, but there was a problem with the toll free number and the long distance number disconnected him after telling him they had too many people trying to call right then.

So, we went to talk to someone in person (and run another errand), only the person was off today, and until noon tomorrow.

While it's somewhat nice that going on unemployment isn't forever married to Ace turning 30, getting everything done today would have been extremely helpful in that we would start getting benefit's as soon as possible (no one thought about unemployment until Saturday, which sucks for us).

It was already an odd day, since Ace had to pick up his one and only paycheck from his former job today. The only bright spot has been that he got an extra piece of chocolate from Godiva and 10% off the 2 chocolate bars we bought, with an offer from the guy who checked us out to conveniently forget that he already gave us 10% off if we get the e-mail and come back in to buy more chocolate (not sure we would take it though).

So, yeah. The unemployment system is broken today, and life decided to be somewhat stinky. Good thing we're going to visit my dad tomorrow. That should help make everything seem better.
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