Monday, June 28, 2010

There's Still More Work to be Done

Ace and I have been trying to clean some on the room this weekend (while not doing too much, because we did want to celebrate our anniversary too). It's been busy and long and tiring.

After Ace's mother went through a bunch of stuff and gave most of it a new home, we still have 10-12 bins with of stuff that we've removed from that room. It's not really that big a room, but it was stuffed with stuff.

Part of what has me so tired tonight is that we rearranged the room tonight (which means Ace did most of the work, and I just attempted to not get in the way too much). The desk is on a different wall, so now our backs won't be to the door (although the lock should keep that from being a major problem). Our bed is no longer sharing a wall with my mother-in-law's office, but is on the wall the desk was on. The dresser (which was originally beside the desk) is now turned to the side. It actually helps make the room look bigger arranging everything that way.

We still have work to do. The book case needs some serious attention to finish clearing off and I still need to go back and fold and put away our laundry from last week. We have a closet to organize and a few other things to work out, but it's feeling much more like a good guest room instead of a cluttered mess.

Unfortunately, since there weren't too many places for all the stuff that was in the room, it's now in either the sun room (which has a narrow walkway through it) or the shed (which is almost completely full). I'm ready to be out of here, especially since we can't toss most the non-working things because "They might be useful one day." The part left out of that sentence is "if they can be found", which I know they wouldn't be.
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