Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sometimes the Love Comes Shining Through

Ace and I are celebrating 7 years of being married. It's interesting, because I think we both feel like we've known each other longer, but that it also doesn't seem like it's been all that long since we got married (I checked with math, it's been 7 years).

Ace has been trying some to make up for the fact that we are still living with his parents (at least, I think that's part of it), so he's been doing lots of little loving things (like adding a locking doorknob to our door).

I think a big part of it is to give us a sanctuary in this too full house. While our stuff may still take up more room than we'd like in the bedroom we now share, the room isn't nearly as full as the rest of the house and we are almost done getting everything that isn't ours (except the furniture) out of the room.

On the plus side, Ace's parents went out of town for the weekend, so we're getting to have lots of alone time. I doubt they imagined that we'd spend most of our alone time getting online and getting stuff out of our room, but it's not a bad way to spend the weekend (at least, it's not when it adds to the feeling of being loved and cherished).

So, while it's not the best anniversary ever, it's been the best we can do this year. Next year though, I'm holding Ace to his weekend at a bed and breakfast get away plan.
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