Saturday, June 12, 2010

Just Get Rid of It Already!

Today, my father-in-law bought a full sized bed to go in there guest room (Ace went with him, they were trying to find something that would fully fix my bed, but that product isn't sold, so this is the new solution.). This means that after Tuesday, Ace and I will get to sleep in the same bed again. Yay for that.

Unfortunately, that means the room I've been staying in needs to be cleared out of all the stuff shoved in there by my mother-in-law. Who won't let us just throw stuff out. And has a serious hording problem that she can't see.

So, Ace and I have cleared almost all of our stuff out and my mother-in-law is now sitting in that room "sorting" stuff, which mostly ends up being she's making Ace put things in other, already over-crowded rooms. She's also ignoring the tubs my father-in-law bought for her to put stuff in.

Ace and I are ready to be out of here, but we're probably stuck here for another few months. It's going to be a long weekend, and probably an even longer week next week. We have no access to alcohol or chocolate, and I think I'm PMSing some. This isn't a great time for me, so I'm mentally biting my tongue and not yelling at my mother-in-law to just get rid of stuff already as that would not work.

Somebody please send help!
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