Sunday, March 23, 2008

Housekeeping May Kill Me Someday

Today, Ace and I had a couple of lovely times where we were running around trying to clean up our living room, dining room/kitchen, and bathroom. We're having people come over, and we want our place to actually look like we keep things tidy and organized. Because no one we actually know should realize that we live like normal humans and haven't got everything organized yet.

Yes, we are complicated people who need to actually live what we like to show. Um, we're trying, but it's taking us a little while to get things put back up and organized again. On the plus side, we've almost got all of our dishes clean again (everything but what little is in our dishwasher, it's somewhat exciting). Our bathrooms have been cleaned. Basically, our house looks nice.

As nice as it is to get everything somewhat cleaned up, it's tiring. I'd like to rest for a long time, but we have people coming over tonight, otherwise things would still be as they had been. Which is the long way to say, I like having people over, but all the work of it may make me drop someday.

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