Monday, March 3, 2008

It Was His Best Day Ever (And Then He Took a Bath)

Yesterday, Guillermo was in doggy heaven, or he at least had teh best day evar!!11!!!1 for dogs. He got to go on two trips (he went with Ace to get lunch, and we took him to PetSmart). He got a new collar, leash, two toys, and shampoo. I'm not sure he would be so excited about the last one. While we were shopping, he got attention from people who will probably never see him again. He got petted by two other customers, and the cashier emptied out her treat bowl feeding him treats.

And then in the evening, he took a bath. But then he got brushed, which I know he likes. He got treats too. And then, while Ace and I were grocery shopping, we got him another new toy and some treats for training him.

So, yeah. It was Guillermo's best day ever!

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