Sunday, March 2, 2008

My Latest Obsession

I've got to share my latest obsession. It's not taken the place of getting pregnant, but it has added to my inner neat freak (which isn't as picky as it tries to seem). I'm quickly becoming enamored with the show Clean House.

4 people (the host, a designer, a yard sale expert, and a carpenter) show up to the house (in L.A.) and help people de-clutter 3 rooms, have a yard sale, and then give them newly decorated rooms, which so far I've found gorgeous every time (so has Ace).

My home, while not fully clutter free, is still rather neat and clean. Ace and I occasionally have to go back and get rid of stuff, but it's usually not a very time-consuming task. And we both feel much better when we get done (freer). It's nice.

So, yeah. That's it for now.

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