Saturday, March 8, 2008

I'm Cold

Or I Miss the Warm Days of Not So Long Ago, Because the Cold Makes My Mind Go Random Places (You can see why I chose I'm Cold as the main title, no?)

Oklahoma weather is crazy. We'll go from nice 60 degree days down to 40 degree days and back to 60 degree days in the span of two weeks (the forecast for next week shows lots of 60 degree days!). And I dislike the 40 degree days. Or more, I hate my body's reaction, because I seem to have problems getting warm (I doubt my smoothie today helped matters much though).

Am I bad for not wanting to watch anything on Animal Planet? Do you think that will change when I have kids? And why wasn't the show How It's Made around when I was younger? It's really interesting.

How much do you think people get paid for squeezing out eggs and sperm from Rainbow trout? Because I think it would probably be a decent amount, or at least it should be.

Ace and I are thinking of going to OKC to see the Human Body exhibit while it's at the Omniplex. I've heard it's really cool (except the pregnancy ones, which made most of the people I've heard about it from wince and/or cry).

Okay, I think I've reached the random length I'd like this post to be, so I'll go now.

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