Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Peeing on Sticks and Assorted Stuff

This week, starting yesterday, I am peeing on a stick once a day. I'm trying to find out when I'm likely to be ovulating. Because we're obsessed with becoming parents.

To add to the likelihood that I'll get pregnant, we got me new clothes yesterday, and I stocked up on feminine hygiene products during my last period. Which means I could easily get pregnant this month to make all this stuff just useless for a little while, which would make me extremely happy.

Oh, you want to know about these new clothes? I've got 3 new pairs of jeans, 3 new shirts (which are loose and slightly stretchy around the belly, so they could be worn for at least part of a pregnancy), and a cute new skirt (also loose around the belly, and dressy enough for work while still being relaxed looking for time off).

Ace bought me the shirts, which I didn't necessarily strictly need, because he decided that I need to show off my chest more. And I am more than happy to get new clothing.

Okay, I have laundry that is calling out to me that I really need to put it in the machines to get it all clean.

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