Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Comedy of Errors

Today, Ace and I did some grocery shopping. When we were finished, we stopped by the gas pumps to fill up before coming home.

While Ace was pumping gas, I had some visual entertainment from some other car coming up to get gas.

First, they tried to pull in front of us, because Ace had used the back pump (the one ahead was out of service). Then, they couldn't get the car re-started (it had died), because there wasn't enough gas in it to start up again. So, the two guys in the car got out to push it to another pump.

As they are pushing, the driver's pants look like they are going to fall off of him, because he was wearing loose pants, slung low to show off his boxers (a look I've never understood). I saw his legs below the boxers from the droop of the pants.

So, they get the car to another pump, and the driver gives his passenger money for gas. Then, they discover that they need to be members of Sam's Club to use the pumps there (we had just been shopping at Sam's, so it was the closest place for us to get gas for the car). When we left, the driver was on the phone and the worker of the gas station's box was trying to help him figure out what he needed to do to buy gas.

Ace, as we are headed home, mentions to me that they had to have passed at least one other gas station before this one where they could have paid for gas with cash and not needed anything else to achieve their goal.

It was an amusing way to spend a few minutes while waiting for us to be ready to go home. And I was happy that it was someone else dealing with all the errors.
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