Friday, August 21, 2009

Laughing Instead of Crying

A short while ago, less than 30 minutes, I got myself some food (queso and tortilla chips). I set down the chips and the queso to go get the mail while Guillermo was out, enjoying the yard.

Then, I moved something, slightly, and the queso fell.

I took a few moments to move stuff around, so that Guillermo could more easily get to the queso to lick it up (he doesn't get queso that often, as we don't eat it that often... and usually he just gets to lick the bowl). Then, I pulled the jar of queso back out of the fridge, put on some flip flops, and went and got the mail.

Nicely, he wasn't staring at me while I ate my late lunch (I kept getting distracted with my mental to do list and forgot to make myself something to eat until a little while ago), because he was too busy cleaning up my accident. Of course, since I was having queso, he was happy to lick my bowl when I was finished. I think that currently he's fairly happy with me, even if he is frustrated that I keep shooing him off from licking the floor where he's gotten most of the queso up already (I guess that it still tastes like queso to him, but he really doesn't need to keep licking the floor).

Nicely, I mostly found the whole thing funny. A small part of me wanted to cry, but the feeling passed quickly and then I just wanted to laugh at the whole incident.

At least one member of the household was made happy by the whole thing.

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