Sunday, August 9, 2009


I wish I could start this post with something cool about the idea of Death as a character in a novel, but I really can't come up with anything.

Instead, I'll just say that I've been reading Discworld novels lately, and I've found some of them more fascinating than others.

This whole reading extravaganza (if 3 books in 4 days can be called an extravaganza) began on Tuesday. I got Ace to take me to the downtown library before we did our weekly grocery shopping. He agreed because I knew roughly where I needed to go to find the books I wanted to get. Also, I had the cash for parking at the library.

So, I picked out 3 of the 4 books they had of the series, checked them out, and off we went to do our shopping. Later that day, I started one of the books and found it hard to put down for long. I finished the book within the day. The next day, I picked up another of the books and read it within a day.

The only reason I took longer to finish the third book is that I didn't read far enough to get involved enough Friday (and I didn't read on any books Thursday, for some odd reason). But, once I got involved in the story, I found it hard to put the book down long enough to do much of anything.

Now, I wish I had grabbed the other book too. I'm sure I can check the library just up the street soon to see if they have any of the books there.

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