Friday, August 14, 2009

A Letter to My Brain

Dear brain,

Hi. How are you?

Now that I've gotten that preliminary question out of the way, let me ask this one: What is up? Why, oh why, when you know that I need sleep do you decide that it is now time for you to work and think?

And no, I will not climb out of bed 10 minutes after climbing in (at hours of the night I know that I'm not supposed to know exist) to come into the living room and type stuff here. It can wait. I'm tired and my body needs rest.

Don't try to deny it that you were trying to get me up again last night, I was there. "Hey," you said, "let's go into the living room for a quick post. It won't take long." And I refused. Was not actually falling very deeply asleep my punishment for that? If so, what's the matter with you? You're just punishing yourself too.

Don't give me this whole thing about it being the fault of caffeine either. I didn't give you enough caffeine to keep me up that late. Plus, I used to drink Dr. Pepper and go right to sleep. I know it's been a while since I've drank caffeine much, but this is only supposed to be as much caffeine as is in a cup of coffee. And it should have all left the system HOURS before I went to bed.

So, from now on, we treat each other right. You don't keep me up all night and I'll continue to not drink much caffeine or alcohol. Deal?

Your friend,

P.S.: Lack of sleep leads to missing things and not remembering stuff. I know those things bother you. Let's keep that from happening.
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