Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Planning Ahead

I'm awake tonight not because of my brain, but because I'm planning ahead into our future. I'm reading a book on homeschooling, because when we have kids, Ace and I plan on homeschooling (no, there is no correlation between me reading about homeschooling and any definite knowledge of the future. I just really like to be informed sometimes).

We are excited about the possibilities, even though we aren't looking forward to the discussion with Ace's parents on why we are homeschooling (we both dislike public schools, with a passion). Ace's mother was a public school teacher (She retired at the end of May. At least, the last I heard that had been the plan.), so I don't think this plan is going to make her feel warm and fuzzy about us. Although, I think she was getting tired of teaching to the No Child Left Behind tests.

So, tonight I'm excited about the future, whenever it may come.
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