Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Frustration with My Back

Tonight, I'm being reminded why it is that I get frustrated with my back some times.

Ace and I have figured out the best things to do to minimize my discomfort with my back when it comes to things like grocery shopping (he moves most of the groceries back into the cart, and everything from the cart to the trunk) or housework (I take it slow, do some chores shortly after getting up, and do about one chore a day).

And then, all I have to do to mess that stuff up is sleep funny and I'm suddenly unable to stand still for short periods of time without my lower back protesting, strongly.

It's frustrating to find myself planning to do some hand-wash dishes, only to wake up and realize that I'm not doing anything that requires me to stand still for more than a minute today, because my back won't let me (and I know better than to just push through, as the punishment will be worse than an extra day needing to do dishes).

So, I make plans, and know that we'll see in the morning if those plans will actually come about. And I make back up plans for what to do, housework wise, for if the original plans fall through (because of my back).

Later (after I get some sleep, as it is the wrong time for doing anything but sleeping), the goal is some dishes being hand-washed and Ace's hair being cut. The back up plan is cleaning half the bathroom and cutting Ace's hair (that won't take long, and he really needs that hair cut).

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